How Digital Vinyl Cutting And Printing Tools Have Changed The Sign Industry

When it comes to buying a sign or banner for your business, there are a variety of different materials to choose from. However, several stand out for their flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. One of those is vinyl, which is very affordable, stands up to a lot of abuse from the weather and also is a great material to work with for the vendors. There are now easy to use vinyl printing machines that can handle nearly any graphics to make a very professional sign in record time. Here are just a few of the advantages of this awesome material.

Tough Enough To Handle The Weather

Signage gets a lot of abuse when used outside in the elements. There is the sun, which can ruin many plastics, the rain which will rust or oxidize most metals, and then the wind that tends to batter flat surfaces 24 hours a day. There is special UV resistant vinyl and ink that can take the sun and resist fading or cracking for years. The colors stay bright and the detail of the graphics can be very intricate if needed, even in direct sun. The pounding rain won’t leave a mark and the inks are all water-proof. Even images with high resolution will last for years.

The Cost Is Affordable

The cost of banners and signs is now so affordable due to all of the new technology, that many businesses order different signs for different sales each week to add variety. A sidewalk sale one week, back to school the next, and Halloween the next will draw attention to your banners and excitement to each sale.

The biggest danger to having the same signage up all the time is that it loses it’s appeal, become stagnant, and people stop looking as they pass by. With highly accurate digital printing and precision vinyl cutters, you can have signs that look fantastic from across the street or from up close. The technology is available to do whatever you need and quickly.

Hanging And Storing Your Banners is Easy

Many banners can be quickly rolled up into a small tube and stored away easily. Plumbing pipes with lids can be made for storage vessels in mere minutes and keep banners organized, clean, and safe until the next use.

Banners can be hung vertically, or horizontally for the visual effect that you so desire. They’ll come with heavy-duty grommets that can hold the sign even in strong winds. For extra heavy windage areas, a rope can be interwoven around the edges of the banner for extra strength. Permanent metal loops can be installed on the sides of the building for easy installation when changing signs.

The fact is, with the new digital vinyl printing and vinyl cutting tools sign shops can make quick work of many jobs in just a couple of hours. Many times you can have your sign custom made while you wait if you already have your graphics and images in order and know what you want in advance. Most custom sign shops can take a variety of different graphics formats, just make sure you plan ahead and use the right one so you can get your order done quick and easy.

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